With the annual Artists Open Houses event fast approaching, I just wanted to mention an artist whose recent work highlighting local architecture has impressed me immensely.

I met architect Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca through my friends Dan and Coralie at the Claremont Hotel on Second Avenue in Hove. As a relative newcomer to Brighton (she lived in Dulwich until a year back), Amalia has got to grips with our best local historic buildings and structures surprisingly quickly.

Amalia’s style is distinct. She uses the CAD program Vectorworks and limits colours to a palette of dark/mid/light grey, yellow and mustard with black outlines. After starting with the seafront shelters, the collection now includes the Palace Pier, Birdcage Bandstand, Royal Pavilion, Dome and Corn Exchange. There is a distinct Modernist theme running throughout Amalia’s work. Of Brighton’s finest seafront buildings, Embassy Court, Al Fresco and Saltdean Lido are featured. The wider collection includes London’s Isokon Building, Royal Festival Hall and Barbican.

As regular readers might expect, I have requested more pictures of Hove. Other than several houses that have been drawn as commissions (I am particularly tempted to commission a drawing of my Osborne Villas property by the way), Hove receives little attention. Eagle-eyed history buffs may spot that the only piece of Hove that has been included is an Embassy Court chimney – it actually belongs to 1 Brunswick Terrace! Future work is likely to include a full frontal rendering of the Royal Pavilion with a cross-section that is based on Nash’s original drawings.

Amalia is currently exhibiting at the Claremont Hotel and will soon be holding a solo event from 23rd to 29th March at the Friese-Greene House Gallery on Middle Street in Brighton. She’ll then be at her Compton Avenue flat for Artists Open Houses in May. See

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