3 Arundel Terrace

To say that 3 Arundel Terrace looks standard from the outside would be something of an understatement as every building on this unique stretch is truly special. Relative to what’s inside though, it couldn’t be truer.

The first sign that No. 3 might be different is a large oriental dragon motif on the front door’s round glass panel. It’s difficult to see during the day from the street but, when the light’s right, it glows when viewed from within. ‘Mystery House’, on the stained glass above the lobby door, is a highly appropriate name for this quirky residence.

Many of the grand door frames are adorned with Moroccan-style door motifs above. The incredibly ornate oak rear doors of the building are in fact part of a series crafted especially for the Dome when it was refurbished. Fortunately, these two were spare. The door leading to the master bedroom on the second floor is impressive too for it is sharply curved.

Mystery House has been owned by Brighton-based songwriter/composer Jimmy Kaleth for six years and is now for sale. It was previously a doctor’s home and surgery. Fireplaces, coving and shutters are par for the course and are all of the quality expected of a Grade I Listed building. Kaleth has decorated and furnished to a high standard in an Oriental theme but there are many influences too. Putting together such an interesting collection of characteristic furniture and decorations from many countries and periods must have been quite a task – fun though. Unfortunately, a great collection of slot machines actually led to me losing money writing this piece – 20p at a time.

Work on Kemp Town began in 1823 and the first section to be finished was Arundel Terrace in 1828. ‘Kemp Town’ originally just meant Sussex Square, Lewes Crescent, Chichester Terrace and Arundel Terrace (plus service roads) but the definition has changed over time. Thomas Kemp was the developer with Wilds and Busby as architects. By 1834, ten of the thirteen Arundel Terrace houses were occupied.

Mystery House is on with Mishon Mackay for £1.65 million. Being a creative type, Kaleth is keen to move on to the next house and will again, I am sure, make his mark. He says that he won’t go so far though. Those of such disposition always say that but invariably carry on as before. How they find the energy is the real mystery.